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4 Bloggers Who Keep Their Creative Message Authentic

4 Bloggers Who Keep Their Creative Message Authentic

The noise of social media and well-wishing influencers can seem a bit much at times. Who do you follow for content that means something to you? Where do you go for content that has helpful, legitimate information, mindful messages, and is authentic in its offering?

If you're a friend to the environment and are a fan of others who share your love of the planet and keeping it a beautiful place, then look no further. Through artistic expression, a sense of community and togetherness, and eco-thoughts to trigger more mindful living, these 5 bloggers give you tips and tricks on how to reduce your own footprint by providing thoughtful moments for readers with real life stories of connection, making you feel good about the information you're receiving through the noise.

The Dharma Trails | Vivien & Aaron

This eco-conscious traveling duo travel the globe offering house sitting services (how awesome is this as a way to travel?) while being thoughtful of their new surroundings. They offer daily eco-thoughts for those out there in the world that want to care more for Mother Earth, but may not know where to start. These two bring to light an array of topics from the issue of plastic in the ocean, to electricity usage and water wastage, to healthy, clean eating. Each day you can follow their eco-thoughts for a little reminder to think twice before consuming or purchasing products that may harm the environment. Not to mention, their feed is gorgeous and so appealing to the eye.

The Dharma Collective | Cass & Brent

This nomadic duo from Nashville, Tennessee are full of positive advice and energy that they're sharing with others while on their own personal journey. They have a mission to help others find and follow their own personal dharma and to help them live lives of authenticity and prosperity, hence why we love them. Partners in life and partners in business, Cass and Brent's 'soulful branding studio' is exactly what the doctor ordered for mindful, insightful, and engaging contact. Take a listen to their podcasts and read up on what they've been doing while on the road.

Zero Waste Collective | Tara 

It's no big secret that the world is becoming increasingly covered in trash, and who's to blame for this enviromental issue? Yup, that's right. It's us good-old homosapiens that are garbaging up the place, literally. The way we consume is threatening our way of life and one major way to help combat the damage already caused is to reduce your own personal footprint. Traveling abroad, this urgency to take care of our planet really struck Founder Tara, especially while snorkeling with garbage in Bali and cleaning up other peoples trash on nature trails in Canada. That's why we love what her brand Zero Waste Collective is creating: An inclusive community space for those wanting to make a change toward greener living, and the helpful tips, tricks, and advice to get us there. See how you can be a part of the zero waste movement too!

INNATIVE Collective | Vondove

Vondove is by far one of our favourite artists. Her moving and thought-provoking work has been lovingly spread all over the world, on city walls, and buses and more recently, in collaboration with the INNATIVE Collective, an inclusive art platform consisting of artists @hazel_mandala@benlopezart@veroniquerachel@ham_don, and of course @vondove herself. With a tag line like 'Co-creating art from the heart', it's plain to see the message they're spreading is one of love, open-heartedness, and creativity. While, the others on this list are working more directly with ocean clean-up projects, and animal welfare initiatives, these artists are making the world a more beautiful place, focusing on the beauty of creative expression and of human connection.

Who else do you know that spreads a positive message through their creative offering? Share them with us in the comments below!

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