The Culturally Diverse Beauty of Northern India

​India has long been a place where travellers in search of spirituality and of something greater than themselves have traveled to. When one thinks of India, images of vibrant colour, beauty, and chaos merge in a cacophony of experiences, hitting all senses at once. Take a look in this post to discover just what we mean by this statement and enjoy the sensations you may experience.

Spice Island: Discovering the Culinary Culture in Zanzibar, Tanzania

S​pice plantations provide the world with thousands of exotic and wonderful delicacies that we may never have been exposed to had we not traveled to far off places and come across them. From herbs for tea to raw cocoa for our chocolate to cardamom and cinnamon and clove for our delectable desserts, Tanzania's 'Spice Island' Zanzibar has is all. Take a walk through the plantation with us and see for yourself.