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10 Amazing Places to Explore Indonesian & Thai Cuisine

10 Amazing Places to Explore Indonesian & Thai Cuisine

One of the most exciting things about planning a new trip is searching for the best eats and treats in the areas you're exploring. With Bali and Thailand on the brain as the next destination in Spring, what was most surprising was the amount of choices available.

The question becomes: How do you decide which spots to hit when you only have a limited time to see, try, and eat everything you can? What places should you stay away from if you have dietary restrictions?

The solution? Use accredited resources like Trip Advisor, ask the locals where their favorite spots are located, pick your favorites, make a list, and try your best to get to all of them. If you don't, at least you have more places to add to your culinary bucket list for your next trip. For those on a busy schedule and want an easy list, we've picked 10 of top places we'll be itching to check out, and you should too.

1. Cafe Organic Bali - Seminyak, Indonesia

Located in Seminyak, one of Indonesia's must-see destinations, Cafe Organic Bali and the #GardenGangstas are serving up 100% Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and raw options for its lovely patrons. They offer a daily-changing salad bar, smoothie bowls, and great coffee made in house. This one's top of the bucket list for Seminyak.

For more info, directions, and hours of operation, click the link above.

2. The Elephant Restaurant - Ubud, Bali

Ubud is home to the delectable and unique establishment, The Elephant. This place offers 100% vegetarian meals in a healthy and sustainable manner. A strong supporter of the slow-food movement, The Elephant strives to bring its guests the finest quality eats in a trendy and engaging environment. Not to mention, Trip Advisor has them rated 4.5 out of 5 stars and their menu looks to die for!

3. Moon Rabbit Bali

Being from Vancouver and having so many Asian Cuisine options available, it's hard to believe that I have never bothered to try Dim Sum, despite dozens of people urging me otherwise. Call me stubborn, but I like to make my own mind up about where and what I eat. That being said, Moon Rabbit Bali is THE newest, hottest Liquor and Dim Sum bar in town. From reviews, it seems to be the best place in Bali to get Dim Sum, if that's what your heart desires. Who knows? Maybe this time, I'll try it out! #wheninrome. The cool thing about this place is it goes from restaurant to bar and is open til 2am daily, making it a good hotspot if you're craving a night out. 

For directions and info, click here.

4. Kayumanis Resto at Jimbaran

If you're traveling to Jimbaran for a romantic getaway, spa vacation, or just some good old fashioned R & R, Kayumanis definitely needs to be on the list. This luxury resto nestled inside a Resort & Spa is the perfect escape for you and your tastebuds. From beautifully handcrafted food art to the gorgeous setting for weddings, parties, and the like, This one should definitely be on the romantic bucket list.

5. Jazz Market - Bali

Although this isn't one specific place to treat yourself to, Jazz Market by the Sea made the list due to its colorful selection of artisan pastries, cakes, handmade goods and more. The 3-day extravaganza is a cultural frenzy of lively people, music, and activities for everyone to enjoy, and boasts some of the best pastries in Tanjung Benoa. If you're in the area next year for their annual festival, check it out.

6. Conrad Bangkok - Bangkok Thailand

If you've never been to Thailand before, the mandatory thing to do on the first night you're there is to experience the sensory overload that is Bangkok. The sights, sounds, smells, and tastes are said to hit you smack in the face, in the best way possible. One of the places for eats and treats to try would be the Afternoon Tea service at Conrad Bangkok Hotel. Tiny meringues accompany your tea and they have got to be some of the cutest desserts we've ever seen. 

For your meringue-fix, click the link above.

7. Casa Vintage Beach - Gili Trawangan

This gorgeous open-concept beach front restaurant is hailed as the best place on Gili Trawangan, serving up delicious home-cooked Caribbean-style meals just like at mama's house (if you happen to be Caribbean). Sit on the patio and enjoy some mango sticky rice and fresh fruits, or try something more savory like their signature Kingston kebab, sweet potato wedges or Trench Town Chicken. Hands down it's the best place to eat and enjoy the sunset on the island, as confirmed by numerous reviews.

For more info, click here.

8. The Hideout - Chiang Mai

Let's face it, traveling can be expensive, even in a developing country like Thailand. If tasty cheap eats are what you're after, The Hideout in Chiang Mai is just the ticket. This little bistro is quietly tucked away in the side streets of the city and hosts an assortment of scrumptious sandwiches and coffee that hit the spot after a long day of being touristy. Although it's mostly westernized food, it can be that little morsel of home away from home that you might be craving.

9. Krua Rim Tang - Khao Lak, Thailand

Numerous reviews point directly to this place for a great bite to eat when visiting Khao Lak. Be it Tom Yum soup, or their signature Three Musketeers salad, or a whole steamed fish with chili sauce, the variety is seemingly endless. Not to mention its prime location close to Khao Lak's breathtaking sunset beach views. Definite must-try.

For more info, click here.

10. Rusty Pelican - Khao Lak, Thailand

This Mexican-fusion restaurant boasts the best Mexican food in Thailand so you know it has got to be good. The Rusty Pelican is a great spot if you're wanting a change of pace from street meat and pad thai day in and day out, and offers a little taste of home via juicy burgers and tasty Mexican treats. If you're in the area, this one will not disappoint the taste buds.



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