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9 Creatives to Follow on Forbes Magazine's 30 Under 30 Top List of Entrepreneurs

9 Creatives to Follow on Forbes Magazine's 30 Under 30 Top List of Entrepreneurs

With so much going on in the world today, the voice of the few has never been more powerful. Forbes Magazine put together a list of the top 30 under 30 entrepreneurs who are changing the business landscape, finding their own voice, and inspiring others through their work. Below are 9 of the list that stood out among others and who are currently on my list of favorites.


1. Tatyana Fazlalizadeh - Street Artist

Tatyana's work first left its mark on me when I saw an article on one of her pieces. She uses a bold approach in her work to shed light on various issues ranging from sexual harassment to the Arab Spring and has been featured in various art galleries, including the Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History.

For more of her work, click here.


2. Lindsey Degen - Knitwear Designer

Knitting has always had a special place in my heart, ever since my grandmother taught me how to make a scarf one Christmas. I connect with LIndsey's designs because she had a similar association to knitting. Her grandmother taught her how to knit at the young age of 3, and the craft stuck. Fast-forward to present day, a recent graduate of Central Saint Martins in London, Lindsey has her own knitwear line, and her work has been featured Bergdorf Goodman and many other places.

For more on Lindsey and her knits, click here.


3. Alison Chemla - Jewelry Designer

ALISON LOU Founder Alison Chemla got her idea for the brand by wanting to showcase her creative skills anywhere but in her then-current job as a marketer. A typical piece you might see from her collection would be a 14k gold smiley face pendant with emerald eyes. Her mandate for the brand is the blending of two worlds: luxury jewelry, and playful pop culture. A large part of her success comes from the fact that her pieces are playful, recognizable, and made of quality materials. She has been featured in several publications  like Harper's Bazaar, Glamour and Vogue daily.

For a better sneak peeks into her collections and who's wearing them, click here.


4.Nate Mell - Ceramicist, Felt + Fat

Nate and business partner Wynn Bauer founded Felt + Fat, a custom-glazed ceramics company and have exploded onto the market faster than anyone (least of all them) could have anticipated. Their in-house mixture and made-to-order glazes set them apart from the competition and have a minimalistic-meets-kitschy aesthetic, making them the hot ticket item to have on your table for the holiday season. Not to mention gorgeous colors to boot! Definitely one of my faves.

Find them at Anthropologie, Beam and Anchor, or online.


5. Misha Nonoo - Fashion Designer

One of the things that sets Misha Nonoo apart from other up and coming designers is her pioneering spirit. This year, she kept that spirit alive by being the first designer to showcase her entire SS16 collection solely on Instagram, coining the term 'Insta-Show.' You may have seen her work in Aldo Shoes when she did a design collab or various other places. Her designs are a perfect marriage of cheeky and conservative, making it one of my top picks in this list of game changers.

To see her Insta-Show, click here.


6. Jessica Walsh - Graphic Designer, Sagmeister & Walsh

Jessica Walsh works at the design and creative strategy firm Sagmeister & Walsh, has designed massive campaigns for department stores, Levi's and won many awards along the way. In addition to her groundbreaking work, she has also found time to design and write content for her blog 40 Days of Dating, which has been picked up as a book and movie option by Warner Bros. Her designs are edgy, avant-garde, and cheeky, and have the mark of a seasoned graphic designer much older than her 28 years.

For more info on Jessica, click here.


7. Jamian Juliano-Villani - Painter

Jamian is a Brooklyn-based painter with youthful, imaginative and cartoon-like pieces scattered across art galleries in Tokyo, Miami Beach, Philadelphia, and South Korea. No creation is too wacky for Jamian. One of my favorite of her pieces has an aardvark-like creature wearing pearls and a dress. She's been quoted saying she draws inspiration from old propagandist-style cartoons on TV that she used to watch as a child, which makes for some interesting visuals in her work.

For more playful pieces, click here.


8. Amanda Thomas - LUV Jewelry

LUV Founder Amanda Thomas started her accessories company after a high obsession turned into a real-life career goal. Amanda has worked for various fashion labels including Estee Stanley and the ladies over at Who What Wear. Her pieces are a delightful combination of torn edginess, and subtle feminity, making her a hit with jewelry lovers and celebrities alike.

For more of her pieces, click here.


9. Gaia - Street Artist

This lovely street art wunderkind has burst onto the art scene and into galleries, it seems fresh out of Maryland Institute College of Art. He paints pieces for art galleries, does contract mural work, and has had his creations featured in the Baltimore Museum of Art, and in several urban art books, most notably 'Beyond the Street: The 100 Leading Figures in Urban Art.'

If street art is your forte, you should definitely look into his work here.



All photos courtesy of their legitimate owners.

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