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5 Unique Ways To Travel The World While Giving Back To It

5 Unique Ways To Travel The World While Giving Back To It

What does it mean to be a responsible tourist? Is it enough to say you throw trash in the garbage and recycle empty water bottles when its possible to do so? Is it enough to say you wash your clothes in enviro-friendly detergent? To say you support ride-sharing and other eco-transportation over mainstream options? It can be. While these are all great initiatives to help reduce your footprint while traveling, you can make an impact with the following companies.

Trusted Housesitters

While taking care of someone's pets while on vacation is an unconventional way to travel, the beauty of this form of accommodation is that you're caring for the well-being of both furry friend and owner. You get to care for these beloved members of the family in cities around the world, and their owners get to enjoy their own holidays worry-free. Giving back to the world doesn't always have to be a monumental occasion, and general acts of kindness help toward a more peaceful planet for all.
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Work Away Projects

Is there a more interesting or fulfilling way to travel than Work Away? Sure, but right now we're crushing on this one pretty hard. The reason we love this one so much--besides the obvious reason of staying somewhere for free--is you get to choose the volunteer work you do in exchange for room and board. From animal well-being to helping out at an NGO, to planting trees and vegetable gardens to help sustain local communities, the possibilities for giving back through this platform are seemingly endless. 
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Volunteer Abroad

Work Away offers room and board for volunteer work, but also offers actual employment and monetary benefits, depending on the position. Regular volunteer opportunities need a little more attention, so volunteering gets its own mention in this list. Take music festivals for example. Massive concert stages need to be erected, ticket booths need to be occupied, safety fences and private areas need to be guarded, and everybody loves music of some sort. Why not volunteer at your favorite music festival abroad and enjoy those tunes you love so much for free?
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Working Holiday Visas

Many countries around the world offer visas to travelers in exchange for some light manual labor. If you aren't afraid to get your hands a little dirty and do your part for whatever country you want to visit, then working holiday visas are the way to go! Australia is famously known for offering Canadians 1 and 2-year work visas provided they work on a farm for 2-3 months. Pro tip: find a nice strawberry farm or fruit orchard to spend your days. While Australia is one example, if long-term travel appeals to you, take some time to look through this updated list of countries that offer visas from Golden Goose for more information.
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Support Tour Companies That Give Back

If you have limited vacation time but still want to do your part wherever you go, companies out there can help you fulfill your want to do good. In our post 3 Socially Conscious Travel Companies You Need To Know About, we highlight Bamboo, Book It Green, and Operation Groundswell who are all doing their part to keep our planet green and our wildlife safe while offering travelers a chance to see the world. Another favorite of ours is G Adventures. When you travel with G you get to take part in a 'G for Good' moment. This can be anything from planting trees to taking a cooking class with women in a small village to give them alternative income for their families. G also has an organization you can donate to called 'Planeterra' that further supports those in developing communities.
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No matter where you travel, do so with purpose and with an intention to spread some goodness to the places you go and the people you meet. Everyone has the capacity to be mindful when exploring. Will you be the next one?

Which of these speaks to you the most? Which one will you try next? Share it with us in the comments below!/

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