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EXPEDITIONIST Diaries: How To Find Time For Reflection When Faced With Constant Outward Influences

Do you ever feel that you’re rushing to get to a place only to snap a quick photo and leave again? Does it make you forget where you were and what you experienced until you look at the picture to jog your memory? This has happened more times than we care to admit, so if you can relate to this feeling, try these simple exercises to allow you to be more centred and in the moment while on the road.

EXPEDITIONIST Diaries: Feeling 'Fernweh' For Places You've Never Been

We've heard the term wanderlust thrown around every travel article, blog post, and Instagram caption enough times to have it engrained in our minds for eternity, but what of the German word 'fernweh'? Chances are you haven't simply because the English language has yet to include a word that accurately depicts its meaning. Below, we share with you our own feelings of 'fernweh' and the significance it has with regard to long-term travel in foreign places.

EXPEDITIONIST Diaries: How To Find The Silver Lining When Things Go Wrong While Traveling

Let’s face it: things can go wrong while traveling, but does that mean that hiccups or bumps in the road on an otherwise amazing journey should ruin the whole experience? Of course not! In this Diaries post we discuss ways you can look on the bright side when you come across obstacles while abroad. Read on for you daily dose of positive thinking.

EXPEDITIONIST Diaries: Exploring Belgium’s Highlights In Under 48 Hours

What do you do when you only have 2 days to explore an entire country? One, plan your time wisely and two, pick and choose the most important spots to visit in your limited time. While some may argue that you can’t really get a feel for a place if you spend so little time there, we’re here to tell you, it can be done, if you do it right. Read on to find out how.

EXPEDITIONIST Diaries: Hostel Versus Hotel - Experiencing Cancun Like A Local

When you think of Cancun, you may automatically associate the city with ultra fancy resorts, perfectly manicured white sand beaches, and bottomless margaritas, but that’s not the real Cancun. One of the greatest ways to experience Cancun like a local with to stay in the heart of the city, away from the resorts. See where we stayed and the experiences we shared with others.

EXPEDITIONIST Diaries: Channeling Your Fear of the Unknown into an Exhilarating Adventure

Facing your fears can be scary, especially if they are those big, life-changing, drop everything and go type fears. No one likes doing it, but there are those that can’t stand being where they are anymore, so much so that are have to face them in order to live the life they want. These are some of my personal fears and how I managed to overcome them.