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EXPEDITIONIST Diaries: Feeling 'Fernweh' For Places You've Never Been

We've heard the term wanderlust thrown around every travel article, blog post, and Instagram caption enough times to have it engrained in our minds for eternity, but what of the German word 'fernweh'? Chances are you haven't simply because the English language has yet to include a word that accurately depicts its meaning. Below, we share with you our own feelings of 'fernweh' and the significance it has with regard to long-term travel in foreign places.

EXPEDITIONIST Diaries: Exploring Belgium’s Highlights In Under 48 Hours

What do you do when you only have 2 days to explore an entire country? One, plan your time wisely and two, pick and choose the most important spots to visit in your limited time. While some may argue that you can’t really get a feel for a place if you spend so little time there, we’re here to tell you, it can be done, if you do it right. Read on to find out how.

EXPEDITIONIST Diaries: Channeling Your Fear of the Unknown into an Exhilarating Adventure

Facing your fears can be scary, especially if they are those big, life-changing, drop everything and go type fears. No one likes doing it, but there are those that can’t stand being where they are anymore, so much so that are have to face them in order to live the life they want. These are some of my personal fears and how I managed to overcome them.