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EXPEDITIONIST Diaries: How To Find Time For Reflection When Faced With Constant Outward Influences

Do you ever feel that you’re rushing to get to a place only to snap a quick photo and leave again? Does it make you forget where you were and what you experienced until you look at the picture to jog your memory? This has happened more times than we care to admit, so if you can relate to this feeling, try these simple exercises to allow you to be more centred and in the moment while on the road.

EXPEDITIONIST Diaries: Feeling 'Fernweh' For Places You've Never Been

We've heard the term wanderlust thrown around every travel article, blog post, and Instagram caption enough times to have it engrained in our minds for eternity, but what of the German word 'fernweh'? Chances are you haven't simply because the English language has yet to include a word that accurately depicts its meaning. Below, we share with you our own feelings of 'fernweh' and the significance it has with regard to long-term travel in foreign places.